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Best Practices for EU MDR Compliance

Although the effective date of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 has been delayed to 26 May 2021, medical device companies are still facing major changes. However, the regulation represents not only a compliance challenge but also a huge chance for a company-wide approach. If you want to know what companies need to do to become EU MDR compliant, this webcast fits perfectly.

AI in Automated Inspection Machines

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is turning out to be a game changer, with countless applications in nearly every domain of our lives. Attendees will get an overview on how AI has emerged as a real solution to the challenges and past limitations of standard image processing used in automated inspection machines. The expert reveals how a Deep Learning approach dramatically improves inspection performance.

One and a half years FMD implementation

If you are looking for a comprehensive summary about the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe (FMD), this quick webcast is ideal. In the short 5-minutes webcast you will get a holistic overview of the latest developments on the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe. The attandance is free. The insights are incredibly valuable for your business. The webcast is in German laguage.

If you plan to host on demand webcasts or online presentations with scheduled recurring appointments, we are happy to support you with a precise preparation and flawless webcast automations.

We help you breaking down barriers and set-up automated webcasts by guiding you through the entire process.

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Webcasts with unlimited potentials

Course contents

Webcasts with unlimited potentials. All our online-seminars focus on challenges facing the  pharma, biotech  and healthcare industry. With support from our industry partners and network of experts, we constantly monitor the legal environment and analyse the market while identifying risks and opportunities. With our unique webcasts you accelerate your knowledge expansion in selected areas. Click here to see all upcoming online-trainings.

The experts

We have an extensive network of passionate experts in particular areas of the pharma and healthcare sector. All presenters are prominent industry experts in their respective fields who deliver valuable insights and competent advice. Their unique combination of skills, expertise, and experience help you determine what’s next – and how to get there.

Customer benefits

Given that most professionals work with digital technology, why should their training be any different? All oc4p webcasts can be accessed anywhere from any portable device. Online-trainings are a cost effective way of learning. The reason for this price reduction is because our online-courses enable a convenient and flexible access. Companies save a substantial amount with regard to  travel, accomodation, venue and materials.

Why choosing us

Choosing a trustworthy training provider can be a tough job. Once you have attended an oc4p webcast this should no longer be the case.

oc4p is a pioneering educational platform, that offers excellent online trainings for pharma, biotech and healthcare professionals. All webcasts are designed and presented by senior, top-tier experts with deep industry experience on their field who deliver insightful and future-proofed recommendations. With our online-trainings you quickly gain knowledge and skills in innovations, work instructions, EU regulations and trends anywhere and anytime. Acquisition of knowledge has never been so easy. Furthermore our highly eco-friendly online trainings help to reduce the carbon footprint.

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