Webcast Overview

Discover our regular online-trainings, which take up topics from various areas of the pharmaceutical industry. We bring first-hand expertise directly to your (home)office. Speakers provide knowledge and insights on pharmaceutical legislation, technologies and innovations, helping you to determine the best strategic response for your business. Register for our webcasts, benefit from our courses and learn with other participants from all over the world.

Holistic overview in 5 minutes (German language)

If you are looking for a comprehensive summary about the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe (FMD), this quick webcast is ideal.

In the short 5-minutes webcast you will get a holistic overview of the latest developments on the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe.

Shape the future with sustainable pharma packaging solutions

Eco | Save | Pack

Packaging for pharmaceutical products needs to be safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Building and delivering an eco-friendly future has become a fundamental element of every pharmaceutical manufacturer’s vision. In this webcast about Eco | Save | Pack (ESP), you will gain insights into the opportunities and benefits of sophisticated mono-paper packaging solutions.

The Role of Public Affairs Functions

Why does government relations play a big role in business strategy?

The pharmaceutical industry in Europe is heavily regulated across the whole life-cycle of a medicinal product covering R&D, clinical trials, marketing authorization, HTA processes as well as post marketing and pharmacovigilance. This webcast provides an introduction into professional government affairs at European level by explaining the EU legal processes from a government affairs perspective and show potential entry points for effective interest representation.

Pharma Essentials

Prepare yourself for complexity of working in/with pharma industry

This webcast is for all those who want to reach their success targets easily by avoiding torpedoing pitfalls with the fundmental knowledge about the complexity of the pharma-world. You will get a broad overview about Pharmacy Legislations, Regulations and Standards as well as on different roles and responsibilities. The course is designed to raise awareness of common pitfalls in pharma/healthcare projects and to enable a well-considered project planning.


Serialization is maybe the most underestimated technical challenge of the century. However, it will continue to play a big role not only in pharma, but also in other industries. Implementing serialization is a challenging and multidisciplinary project, affecting all departments. It’s important to understand the best practices and how to convey such international Track & Trace expertise. Making use of global standards and IoT technologies is key to optimizing global supply chains.

Medical Affairs

Essential partnership for successful customer centricity

This webcast is about the value-adding function of Medical Affairs Managers in pharmaceutical companies. It will onboard you quickly to the world of Medical Affairs in a digital era. After attendance you might rethink the way projects were handled in the past. It will help you to set up a customer cenctric mindset and guides you to more successful approaches.

New Insights to Tackle this Task

Opinion Leader Collaborations are very important chances for insight generation, especially for the pharma industry. Even though all steps of identification, selection and interactions are strongly influenced by digital changes, the connectivity between humans still remains a significant channel of communication. This webcast helps you to ask the right questions for your decisions about strategic, valuable and also efficient interactions.  Release yourself from old thinking, be open to new trends and chances and re-establish trust in industry and experts.

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