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Passionate webcast experts for pharma and healthcare industry

oc4p. This acronym stands for outlier consulting for professionals. Founded in 2018 in Cologne, we are a small dynamic team with a long term experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We have developed extensive contacts and in-depth knowledge that allows us to deliver first-class webcasts. oc4p provides services for a range of clients, from small to multinational corporations.
Our mission is to optimize the way in which sector-specific knowledge is imparted to professionals. We strive to share content at any time and any place.
Online-trainings have completely transformed the way in which knowledge is imparted. Thanks to this digital revolution the way of training has remarkably changed in how the content is accessed, consumed and used. Given that most jobs require employees to leverage technology, why should their training be any different? oc4p allows a convenient and flexible access to all our webcasts.

with oc4p you achieve extraordinary.

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